Wine Cellar Concepts

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Design, fabrication and installation of custom cabinetry for 1,000 to 14,000 bottles will cost between $60,000 and $550,000 depending on space, wood species and use of special materials. Hand-finished cabinets are primarily designed in American hardwoods like Rift Sawn Shite Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Rift Sawn White Ash, Maple and tropicals including Mahogany, Sapele, Wenge and Zebrawood.

This price does not include client's contractor costs for preparing the space, including demo, framing, electrical, lighting, cooling system/ductwork, spray foam insulation, 1/2-inch underlayment ply on walls and ceiling, windows, entry door, tile, brick, stone, reclaimed timbers, plumbing, sink, stereo system and other materials required to construct room. The design, fabrication and installation of cabinetry is accomplished on a 5- to 12-month timeline.

DESIGN: One to Three Months

$350 plus travel  

David Spon will discuss the possibilities of the proposed space, determine scope of project, and take measurements at client's residence or review AIA drawings if new construction.


 $4,500 deposit upon hiring at initial consultation or two weeks prior to execution of first set of drawings. Preliminary design within two weeks of receipt of check.
 The initial drawings generally require and include one to three revisions based on client's critique. Design fee includes design development meetings (excluding travel). Remaining $2,000 balance due following these revisions.
 Subsequent revisions after the initial three are $700 to $1,500 each.
 Travel to the meetings and to site will be billed separately. See Travel section below for estimated prices.

 $36k - $196k  

To begin each new phase of the project, payments for all previous invoices must be paid.
Travel fees are invoiced at the end of each phase.


Due to reserve approximate install dates*, acquire wood, dimension lumber and prep parts for cabinetry assembly. (Client's approval and signature required on final drawings and stain.)


Due plus final exact field measurements of space to begin assembly of cabinetry at shop. Shop fabrication will take approximately 8-10 weeks. Final install dates are scheduled at this time.**


Due after cabinetry is delivered to site and prior to start of installation.


Due upon completion.

*If the original reserved install dates cannot be adhered to due to client's contractor delays in preparation of the space, the installation will be rescheduled to the next available dates on our installation calendar.

**Exact field measurements are required 3-8 weeks prior to delivery of cabinets depending on size and complexity of project. Our base platforms, which are an exact footprint of cabinetry, need to be pre-fitted within the room before we can build cabinets in our shop. Bases can be permanently installed at this time depending if floor goes in before or after base platforms. Base platform pre-fitting also allows contractor to locate exact placement of lighting and air supply grilles.



 Fairfield County CT $100.
 Westchester County, NY $150.
 Boston/Cape Cod $200.
 N.Y.C./Hamptons $200.
 Vermont/NH/Maine $400.
 Philadelphia Metro $400.
 Washington, D.C. $500.
 Chicago $700.

Pricing for travel to other locations available upon request.

The above roundtrip travel fees are for each design and construction meeting and include David Spon alone. The $500.00 initial Consult fee and 6,500.00 design fee includes David's time for these meetings.